Cough key

Cough key / Cough mute button's made by custom order.


Desktop case with high quality cough switch and Neutrik XLR connectors.

On Air / Recording light controller

Specially made design for Audio applications with semiconductor relays on outputs for spark free and silent switching of 220/110VAC light sources or LED lights. 


Opto couplers guarantee high degree of isolation between signalling source (e.g. mixing console) and mains supply.


Automatic acceptability of both continous and pulse signal inputs. Signal voltage range from 5 to 24V AC and DC.

Monitor controller

The MM3S Monitor Controller offers volume control, as well as muting and stereo to mono summing. This unit invites possible use not only in pro audio applications but as an audio controller for a more advanced home stereo or Home Theater system, as well.


There is no active circuitry that can interfere with the signals feed through. This allows you to keep your software volume masters at unity to preserve bit-depth, resulting in pure and transparent sound with no degradation.


The MM3S has one large, robust and high precision volume control knob with ALPS potentiometer, one source selector switch with 3 inputs and a stereo/mono/mute switch on the front panel for quick and easy control. The


MM3S uses passive mono summing made with 0,1% tolerance metal film resistors.


There is one headphone output on the back side, which mutes speakers when jack plugged in.



1 x Volume knob

1 x Input selector switch

1 x Stereo/Mono/Mute switch



Main features:

  • High quality ALPS potentiometer with robust aluminium knob for lasting durability.
  • All wiring is done by hand.
  • All inputs and outputs are balanced.
  • Completely passive, no batteries or power needed.
  • Input Source Select switch with 3 inputs.
  • Stereo, Mono and Mute monitoring mode switch.


Inputs: 3

Outputs: 1

Operating level: no limitations

Input Connections, by order: XLR/Jack 6,5mm/Phono (Neutrik)

Output Connections, by order: XLR/Jack 6,5mm/Phono(Neutrik)

All our products are RoHS compliant