Computer Adapter

For the problem-free connection of computers with rest of your sound system. This device will provide full galvanic isolation of the two channel audio (stereo).


Tailormade your pro audio device to suit your specific needs:


  • For nominal levels of 0dBU we recomend two LL1532.


  • If levels are up to +6dBU we would recomend two LL1527.


  • Or if your computer generates extremely high levels we can recomend LL1588 or LL7902.



This device works fine with both Mac and PC computers.

Analog Impedance Match

When connect a low-Z (low impedance) source to a high-Z load, there is no distortion or frequency-response change caused by this connection. But if high-Z source connected to a low-Z load, you will get distortion or altered response.

For example, suppose you connect an electric bass guitar (a high-Z output) into an XLR-type mic input (low-Z). The low frequencies in the signal will roll off, so the bass will sound thin. Bass guitar has to be loaded by high impedance, and the mic input fed by a low-Z signal. Our impedance matching adapter fix this for you.

It is made on high quality 1:2 ratio transformer in rugged and compact package, still weighting only 100grams. Adapter has a ΒΌ' female jack on one end and a male XLR connector on the other. Primary winding is high impedance, wired to the female jack. The transformer's secondary winding is low impedance, wired to the XLR. You plug the guitar cord into the phone jack, and plug the XLR into a mic input in a snake or mixer. Use it with a bass guitar, electric guitar, synth, etc.

Note: XLR-s pin Nr.1 is connected to housing.

Dimensions: height=31mm, width=26mm and length=74,4mm. Weight=100gr.

For other transformer ratios please contact us.

Picture showing other product similar to "Imp 2 Match"

Analog Level Match 221

Balanced to Unbalanced interface, called "balun" is often find in antenna circuits. But balun's are needed in audio too.

This one is made in 2:1 ratio in rugged and compact package (weighting only 100grams).

This is high quality interface for connecting professional to semiprofessional standard equipment. In other words connects balanced signal sources to unbalanced inputs without impedance drop and no overload on semiprofessional input side. Both level and impedance are transformed through for this application specially adapted transformer. Transformer is made by Lundahl based on their LL1532.

Connections schematic shown above (XLR-s pin Nr.1 is connected to housing).

Dimensions: height=31mm, width=26mm and length=74,4mm. Weight 100gr.

Digital Impedance Match

110-75 ohm and 75-100 ohm Digital Audio Impedance Adapters

For digital audio interconnects the line rate of a 44.1kHz SPDIF interface is over 5Mbps. Cables longer than about 5m should be 75ohm impedance like video cables.

Digital Audio Impedance Adapter allows 75 ohm coaxial transmission of AES/EBU Digital Audio signals. Adapters are designed to convert all standard AES/EBU digital audio signals from 110 ohm/XLR3 Output (@ 4.5 Volts) to a 75 ohm BNC coaxial cable and back again to a 110 ohm/XLR3 Input (200mV min). They also provide excellent rejection against hum and RF noise.

Key Features:


  • SMPTE 276M and AES3 Transmission Standard
  • Coaxial transmission of 2 Channel Digital Audio
  • Allows longer cable runs than 110 ohm twisted pair

Digi BalUn is made in two versions:

75 ohms BNC to 110 ohms male XLR     110 ohms female XLR to 75 ohms BNC

NOTE: The AES signal at 1V is the same voltage as the analog video signal. Instead of discarding old patch panels for analog video, they can be used for patching AES in the coax format. Check in the service manual or with the manufacturer to see if your distribution amplifier have enough bandwidth and a good squarewave response to handle digital signals.

M-S to Stereo matrix

M-S to stereo matrixes are made with Lundahl transformers as a reference design!

Customizations are possible besides our two recommended versions.

The recommended versions:


Allegro uses LL1527 which is the optimal solution for "normal" signal levels.


Crescendo uses LL1588 which handles high signal levels in modern music studios.

Two Combo connectors (female XLR and 1/4'' jack combined) on inputs and two male XLR's on outputs.


It is a passive matrix which can be used in both directions, M-S to Stereo or Stereo to M-S.

All our products are RoHS compliant