DI box

Most common application for DI boxe is to connect equipment with high-impedance outputs (such as synths and guitars) to a mixer’s low-impedance inputs using long cables. If you were to run a long cable from a guitar to an amp, it would completely load the guitar; you’d lose high-frequency end and add a lot of noise.

However, if you connect the guitar to a DI box close to your instrument, you can then run the signal through long mic cable to a mic preamp or mixer board.


The electrical isolation between the input and output is provided by the transformer and a switch linking the input ground to the output ground can be set to provide a ground-lift.

The balanced output from this DI box is at microphone level so it can be connected to the mic input of a mixing console.


The input is directly wired to a Thru socket. This enables the DI box to be inserted between an instrument and its amplifier without interfering with the normal signal flow.

Unfortunatelly we don't have any picture of our DI boxes.

They are built in the same housing as our 1-channel Allegro Splitter.

Customize your DI box by choosing the transformer with adequat ratio:


  • LL1530 features 3,5:1 and 7:1 ratios


  • LL1935 features 5:1 and 10:1 ratios

Product Features:


  • High quality Lundahl transformer.
  • Neutrik Combo connectors on Input and Thru, accepts both male XLR and 1/4'' phono.
  • Neutrik male XLR on Out
  • Gnd lift switch with distinct marking when on or off.
  • Level pad -12dB.

We guarantee that this device will survive fall from one meter high and operate correctly afterwards. Damages on the box like deformations and scratches are to expect and we can not take answer for them.

Important note:

Electric guitars and basses with passive piezo pickup systems need to work into a fairly high input impedance to avoid loading the pickups and compromising the tonality. Typically, an impedance between 1MOhm and 5MOhm is required. That's why we do not rocomend use of this DI box with the piezo pickups.

All our products are RoHS compliant