Multi Media Studio Z

The MMstudioZ owners has a long experience with electronics, audio technology and media. Have rich experiences from live concerts and recordings of symphonic orchestras, sports events, political summits on highest level, Papal visits and much more. All that experience made that our products work in real world.

We offer products, Services and interfaces, that can not be founded anywhere else!

The product range includes equipment and accessories for music studios, live concert sound, radio stations, etc.

After many customer's request we started our line of Hi-Fi interfaces.


Every item are designed, made and assembled by hand in Sweden. Every piece is tested before shipping to customer.

We live in belief that reproduced music should communicate the emotion and content of the original performance. We vill help you to achieve that goal!

               Norrtälje, SWEDEN                                                             MMstudioZ

All our products are RoHS compliant