Comparison Review

I just wanted to let you know that I had used the new splitter and I found it better than I had expected; I had almost no loss on the side channel and it's inky-black quiet, vith little hiss at high gains on the primary. It really is as good or better than my hand-made Jensen splitters from a few years ago.

                                                                                                                     Walter Thornhill - USA


Hi-Fi interfaces finally got their own corner on our website. They become an important part of our product line and we will present them here.

Most of them are based on famous Lundahl Transformers.

November 2014 - Spitter MM1128R

Our 8-channel splitter, both Alegro and Crescendo, now available as a rack unit. 8-channels in only 1RU high case with all Neutrik connectors.

One channel mic line portable splitter with one input,one direct output and three transformer isolated outputs. With a new LL1590 Lundahl transformer inside.

Size and look as a MM1121 Crescendo


All our products are RoHS compliant